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10 Millarworld Titles to Expect on Netflix

Updated: May 28, 2018

With Netflix’s recent acquisition of comic publisher Millarworld, and their expressed intent to create their own MCU, we can expect many adaptations of Mark Millar properties to hit the streaming service over the next few years.

Some of Millar’s bigger stories have already become film franchises (Kingsman, Kick-Ass, Wanted) and hence their rights already belong elsewhere, but the modern-day Stan Lee has no shortage of other stories to adapt. Some will undoubtedly become television shows while others are more suited as movies.

Which titles might we see first as Netflix original series’?


Reborn is a fantasy series with a unique exploration of the afterlife. Average old woman Bonnie Black dies, only to find herself a young warrior with magical powers in the afterlife, and the one destined to take down the evil Lord Golgotha. This series could fill the current fantasy void on Netflix.


Huck has Superman-like powers but no desire to be a hero of world-saving proportions; he simply wants to help the people of his small town. This could be a family-driven story about an anonymous hero with incredible powers while maintaining the charm of small budget, low special effects character piece, which sounds distinctly perfect for Netflix.


This one is a slam dunk. Beginning in the 1930’s, a team of superheroes forms and defeats the world’s villains over the decades. Their current descendants have no interest in continuing the hero life and now walk in the shadows of their ancestors. Family strife with lots of heroic action.


If you like Flash Gordon, you’ll love Starlight. Duke McQueen had travelled to the planet Tantalus and saved it from destruction. When everyone thought his story was nuts upon his return to Earth, he retired. Now in his twilight years, he’s being summoned to save Tantalus once again. This would be a wild sci-fi serial adventure.


This one is a bit tricky. Nemesis is actually a supervillain with Batman’s disposition. He basically IS Batman, only evil. Upon promoting the original story, they asked “What if Batman became the Joker?” This is an extremely graphic and twisted story, and would need adjustments, but how interesting to center a series on this type of individual?

Then there are other titles which would be much better suited as Netflix original films. Let’s take a look at those.


Simon Pooni is a twelve-year-old suffering from multiple sclerosis who gets bullied regularly. He sells his soul to a demon in order to become a superhero. The bully who torments him is granted superpowers from the demon as well. Simon is then faced with a choice; he can fight the villain and save the world, but at a great personal cost. This would be best as a big budget standalone film.


A team of supervillains are tired of being thwarted by superheroes, so they go to Spain to pull off one last job. Think Suicide Squad meets Ocean’s 11. This would be a fun super-powered heist film with sequel potential.


This is another candidate for a standalone film. Desperate to be free from her evil tyrant of a husband, Emporia takes her children and flees across the galaxy. This could be a classic cosmic chase across the universe, which would mean a big budget film with lots of special effects to do it visual justice.


How’s a time-traveling buddy comedy sound? That’s what you’d get with this duo of time-travelers who built their own time machine and accidentally changed history. It would be expensive but offers the potential for sequel galore.


A group of con artists joins the military to steal pills that bestow superpowers on the average human. When one of their own is taken prisoner, their motivation turns to his rescue. This could become a fun war piece about personal redemption.

These are just some of the Millarworld comic stories we may see in Netflix’s new Millarverse. What we do know is that many more comic book movies and shows are headed our way in the next couple years, and leaves all of waiting in anticipation to see just what Netflix does.


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