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A “Fresh Start” For Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics recently announced that they will be rebooting their current lineup with “Fresh Start” relaunch.

In addition to yet another of what has been annual reboots, the decision has been criticized as a move to remove the current diversity of minority, female and LGBT characters in the books. It’s also seen to be motivated to jive with the movies and TV shows in the MCU, since most characters being brought back are being seen or will be seen on screen.

I don’t think Marvel is actually going to eliminate the diverse characters. We already know that Miles Morales will continue as will many others. I see this move as a merge between the old guard and the newer characters. Marvel has to be smart enough to know that they need their original readers as well as the next generation.

The comic stories should remain separate from the goings’ on of the MCU. Continuing the prelude comics is fine, but allow the main stories to take on a life of their own without trying to feed off the films.

It’s interesting that they’re restarting with the MCU version of the Avengers team considering that most of that team is expected to be gone following Avengers: Infinity War and the sequel in 2019.

What’s not a surprise is that among the other first titles to launch are Black Panther, Venom and Multiple Man. This hints that Marvel plans to continue development of the Multiple Man film started by Fox before the acquisition. Black Panther, of course, is shattering box office records and Venom hits theaters later this year.

Other titles announced are Captain America, The Immortal Hulk, Thor and a Cosmic Ghost Rider mini-series. Not included? Despite the fact that Tony Stark is being relaunched as Iron Man, no solo series has been announced yet. Does this mean a continued large role for Riri Williams while Stark is a peripheral figure? Does it signal a tragic end for the character in the MCU? Or is an announcement still to come? Time will tell.

I’m okay with this relaunch, but at some point, Marvel Comics has to stick with a lineup. Hopefully they’ll stick with this one long enough to give it a chance.

The new line debuts in May.


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