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A Line of Dialogue Connecting Doctor Strange to Infinity War

So, I was just re-watching Doctor Strange and came across a moment in the film that I’d forgotten while watching Infinity War. It’s a foreshadowing of Strange’s “no other way” line in Infinity War.

Strange and Mordo are discussing the Ancient One drawing her powers from the dark realm. Strange just killed one of Kaecilius’ goons.

The dialogue is as follows:

[referring to the Ancient One] Dr. Stephen Strange: She’s not who you think she is. Mordo: You don’t have the right to say that. You’ve no idea the responsibility that rests upon her shoulders. Dr. Stephen Strange: No, and I don’t want to know. Mordo: You’re a coward. Dr. Stephen Strange: Because I’m not a killer? Mordo: These Zealots will snuff us all out and you can’t muster the strength to snuff them first? Dr. Stephen Strange: What do you think I just did? Mordo: You saved your own life! And then whined about it like a wounded dog. Dr. Stephen Strange: Oh, you would have done it so easily? Mordo: You’ve no idea the things I’ve done. And the answer is yes, without hesitation. Dr. Stephen Strange: Even if there’s another way? Mordo: There is no other way! Dr. Stephen Strange: You lack imagination. Mordo: No, Stephen. You lack a spine.

And there’s the tiny impact Mordo had on Infinity War, telling Strange there was no other way. Then of course, Strange tells Tony Stark that he gave Thanos the Time Stone because “it was the only way.”

Just a little aha moment upon re-watching Doctor Strange today. That’s why the MCU is great; you can keep watching these movies and discovering things you didn’t remember from watching the first, second or third time around.


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