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Ant-Man and the Wasp to Feature Two End Credit Scenes

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

Early screenings of Ant-Man and the Wasp are out and it’s confirmed to have two end credit scenes! This isn’t surprising, given the importance being placed on the movie. But it does leave us guessing at what those scenes could be.

One scene as to be a tie-in to Infinity War, most likely someone turning to dust. It won’t be Scott Lang, but it could very well be Hope, Hank or Janet. The Avengers will need Hank’s tech in Avengers 4, so he has to stick around. So does Janet, as she’ll be fresh back from the Quantum Realm. My guess is Hope, as it will have great emotional impact on the other three. I’m certain someone turns to dust.

I believe the second scene will be a preview of Avengers 4. It could be a scene taken directly from that film, or it could be a teaser like a vision from Dr. Strange warning them about what’s going down. A cameo from Strange could be what draws the Ant-Man crew into the fight. Strange can access the Quantum Realm, so he’d be a good choice to reel them in as part of the one scenario in which Thanos is defeated. Or, maybe we’ll get a tease as to what the plot actually is.

In Ant-Man, the end credits showed a scene from Captain America: Civil War. Those who have already seen the film say both end credit scenes are “can’t miss”.

I’m as excited for the credits as I am for the movie!


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