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  • Brian Flinchbaugh

Anxiously Awaiting The Punisher

Marvel’s The Punisher is getting ready to drop on Netflix on...well, we don’t exactly know when.

But when it does, we’ll be excited!

In the second season of Daredevil, Jon Bernthal gave the absolute best performance as Frank Castle aka The Punisher since the character was first brought to the screen by Dolph Lundgren in 1989. Fans fell in love with the character after three previously failed attempts on the big screen.

We don’t know a lot of details about the series (including when it drops), but we know that it’s going to be different from the others on Netflix. As gritty as Daredevil is, this will be grittier, it will be darker, and it will be bloodier. There are no superpowers here because Castle isn’t a superhuman and neither are the enemies he’s hunting. He’s a regular guy who happens to be an outstanding soldier and walks around with the enormous chip on his shoulder of his family having been murdered.

What more do you have to see from the trailer than Bernthal staring into the camera, looking right you, and saying “I’m coming for you”. Chills, I’m getting chills.

When the second season of Daredevil ended, Frank had just helped Daredevil defeat The Hand by sniping them from the rooftop. His disappointing absence from The Defenders means he hasn’t been seen since. What’s he been up to?

We will, of course, see Deborah Ann Woll reprise her role as Karen Page, who established a definite connection with Castle in Daredevil. She’s always had a soft spot for him and the two definitely had chemistry on-screen, we’re looking forward to see where that relationship goes.

Punisher’s longtime friend and ally from the comics, Microchip, will be introduced. Microchip is brilliant inventor responsible for building Punisher’s weapons and equipment.

Those two will team up to take on Billy Russo, Punisher’s archenemy most known as Jigsaw. But we’ll probably see Russo before he becomes the villain with the carved-up face, because Frank is the one that carves that face up. Save that for the season finale to lead in to season 2? I see it coming already.

Will there be surprise appearances by any Defenders? I suspect not. They all have sequel seasons of their own series’ coming out and none of them really fit into The Punisher. Plus, Frank is doing his own thing and there’s no room for anyone else to get in the way. We’re in for a rampage of a time.

Give credit to Marvel Television, for they’ve been able to keep the lid on this series, including when we’re even going to see it. The great thing about The Punisher is that while we don’t know much about what’s planned, it doesn’t matter. We know it’s going to be good and that’s all we care about. I’m betting The Punisher will be one of the most loved Marvel Netflix series’ yet.


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