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Arrow: Season 7 Trailer Review

Written by: Everest Leach

Comic-Con, Comic-Con, Comic-Con... You just keep laying it on. Saturday we got new trailers for all of the Arrowverse shows, and I’m gonna cover what I believe to be the best, the Arrow season 7 trailer.

So it looks like at least the start of the season will be centered around Oliver being in prison. We get 2 perspectives of this. In the first minute we see how it’s affecting Ollie himself (physically and psychologically), in prison. The second minute however, shows how it’s affecting the people around him. His family, his friends, and everyone he holds dear. Let’s get into it.

So we start off with Oliver adjusting to his life in prison, and it isn’t easy seeing as everybody in there now knows HE is the man that put them in prison, the Green Arrow. We see villains like Brick, and Derek Sampson return. Two words, Prison. Fights. Everyone Mr. Queen has put away wants a shot at him. Hopefully his new beard, 5 years in hell, and those pull-ups he’s doing helps get him through. The question I have, is how long will all this last? How does Oliver get out? I’m liking the look of it already. At least it’s all new footage...yeah, Supergirl, I’m looking at you.

Now, Oliver isn’t the only one affected by him going to prison. The 2nd half of the trailer shows this. How will everyone handle not having Oliver Queen, not having the Green Arrow? We see the team is still fighting, but their heart isn’t in it. The Green Arrow’s imprisonment has dissuaded almost every other vigilante in the city according to Black Siren. Oh yeah speaking of Laurel, she also has a job within the Star City Government now. So as I said, vigilantism has been quiet in the City of Stars, until a mystery vigilante wearing the hood shows up. Everyone’s theorizing it’s Roy, but apparently it’s a new face. Oh yeah, also, Ricardo Diaz is back, and the Dragon roars with revenge. And he’s not settling for just Oliver. The whole team, especially Felicity, seems to be in danger. You could say they may be “hunted” in season 7.

Overall this season of Arrow looks to be brutal, action packed, and emotional. What more can you ask for? Arrow seems to be BACK. No more ‘Felicity And Friends’. If you’re excited, get your quiver full of popcorn and enjoy. Green Arr——sorry I mean ‘Arrow’ returns October 15th.


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