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Avengers: End Game Probably Really is the Title

Avengers cinematographer Trent Opaloch, may have spoiled the title for Avengers 4. On his personal website, he’s updated his resume to include the next Avengers film along with his many other credits. On his resume, his most recent credit was titled Avengers: End Game. It's pictured below.

This makes sense, of course, because Doctor Strange tells Tony Stark before he disappears in Infinity War that “we’re in the end game now” when explaining why he traded Stark’s life for the Time Stone. It was a pivotal moment in the film that gave a glimpse as to just how important Iron Man will be in defeating Thanos in the one scenario out of 14 million that the Avengers win. And since Strange is seen as a bit of a prophet, letting him basically name the next film is fitting.

End Game has been a popular guess for the title, but Kevin Feige has said that the title was not spoken in Infinity War. That could very well be deception on his part, though.

Marvel movies tend to grab their titles from comic stoylines, so in that respect, End Game doesn’t really fit the bill. However, it would be fun to have that important line from Strange be the foreshadowing of the sequel’s title.

I knew the title would never be Infinity Gauntlet. You have too up the stakes in the title, and to go from Infinity War to Infinity Gauntlet just doesn’t do it.

Another sign that End Game could be the real title is something the Russos said earlier this year. A fan said they were scared to hear the title, and the Russos responded “you should be”. End Game does have that kind of vibe to it.

End Game also makes a lot of sense in that we’ve been expecting the end of this version of the MCU for years now. Yes, the MCU will go on, but it will be very different moving forward.

It’s certainly possible that Opaloch was merely playing with us, knowing that someone would see his site and run with the title. But the fact that he quickly removed it and simply called it Avengers 4 is a sign that he slipped up.

Feige said recently that concealing the title has backfired because it can now never live up to the expectations. That’s probably true, but it will still generate a ton of buzz once it’s officially announced.


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