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  • Brian Flinchbaugh

Avengers: Infinity War review

Ten years has led to this. The movie we have all been waiting for ever since it was announced back in 2014. Avengers: Infinity War has dropped on us like Mjolnir crashing into New Mexico.

Probably the most anticipated movie in years has been paying off at the box office, and deservedly so. It’s a combination of laughs, tears, action and exquisite characters development.

If you’re the one person who hasn’t yet seen the movie, stop reading now because spoilers are ahead. And trust me, you don’t want any spoilers.

There’s no slow build-up in this film. It opens exactly where Thor: Ragnarok left off, with Thanos attacking the ship carrying the Asgardian refugees. In the first fifteen minutes, Heimdall is stabbed through the heart and Loki is choked to death. One helluva way to start.

I loved the throwbacks to the Infinity Gauntlet comic series. Bruce Banner/Hulk taking on the Silver Surfer’s role, Thanos ripping out Vision’s wired insides, the finger snap! Admittedly, I didn’t expect to actually see the finger snap. That one definitely got me!

There were other truly emotional scenes. Gamora’s death sequence should not be cheapened by resurrecting her. You actually feel the shred of humanity in Thanos when he has to sacrifice what he loves most. Nobody knew he loved anyone. Especially Gamora! The shock and horror on her face as she sees the torment on his is priceless.

While we’re on emotional scenes, how about that Spidey death? “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good” as he clutches Tony and falls to the ground, disintegrating in his mentor’s arms. This was another tear-worthy moment.

The Russos did an outstanding job balancing this massive cast of characters. It’s not an easy to handle such a plethora of talent without becoming bogged down and losing direction, but they pull it off. Some characters don’t get nearly enough screen time and understandably so, but each gets at least one moment to shine.

Many of us expected at least one of the core Avengers to die or disappear at the end, but that didn’t happen. Perhaps that should have been obvious all along, as they will be the ones to lead us in Avengers 4.

Fast-paced, emotional, funny, and action-packed, Avengers: Infinity War is definitely worth multiple views.


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