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Batfleck Announcement Coming?

With Marvel largely sitting Comic Con out this year, DC has a huge opportunity to steal the headlines and get people talking about them for weeks to come. They can’t pass this moment up, and they won’t.

I’ve been doing some digging and while not rock solid, I believe some major surprise announcements are coming this weekend. And the biggest one is the return of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

I’ve been hearing this for some time now. Ben was disappointed with the reception of Justice League and has truly been wavering on his commitment to the DCEU. Recently, he’s been looking at plans to expand the DCEU and the endless possibilities for Batman within that universe. He’s been reinvigorated and is once again excited about continuing, to the point where he’s had some conversations with Warner Bros about renegotiating his contract. While unsure of the details, I do believe they have made progress.

You should also expect that Affleck will indeed star in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. The script is currently fluid enough where it can be crafted to fit anywhere within the timeline of the DCEU. And while it will likely be a prequel, Reeves isn’t locked into using a much younger version of Batman.

This would also get the ball rolling on the Flash movie again, as the absence of a committed Batman has held up the Flashpoint story.

WB knows this will be the single biggest headliner coming out of San Diego Comic Con this year.

Are you ready?


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