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Books of Magic #1

Reviewed by: Robbie Rowe, Lead Comic Contributor

Rating: 8 out of 8

Do you believe in magic? For teenage boy Timothy Hunter, it’s not a matter of

belief, but a matter of choice, as here, Timothy must choose between living a life with magic, or one without. I wasn’t sure going into this whether I’d like it or not, as the synopsis for it a few months ago didn’t really grab me compared to other Sandman Universe comics and didn’t interest me as much.

Going through some comics yesterday, I was trying to see what I’d read and found Books of Magic #1. Having read it, I’m most definitely glad I didn’t let my

uncertainty stop me from reading this particular book of magic. For fans of the

more magical parts of the DC universe, I’m sure, like me, they’ll be delighted to

see Judas Iscariot/Phantom Stranger, John Constantine and the other members of the Trenchcoat Brigade as my friend Jared Webb told me both the groups’ name and the other two members’ names on Twitter. Thanks, Jared.

I’m very tempted to go into more detail on Phantom Stranger, especially given his real name and origin, but hopefully there’ll be another comic to come starring him, or featuring him prominently. The art of the comic fits nicely into the feel of a young student, namely Timothy here, with Tim in a disinterested slouch at one point, which feels quite fitting and adds a nice flair to the character and more life to that scene.

Thankfully, he’s not on his own when it comes to dealing with a new life of magic, as he finds not so far from home someone who’s more adept in that realm, helping him in a major way. Unfortunately, his delving into the realm of magic does not go unnoticed by more sinister figures and I’d put money on the young Tim having to deal with that, ready or not, next issue.

I’m glad to say despite there being an earlier series of Books of Magic that this

was very easy to follow and to understand. I’ll be happy to leaf through the next

chapter of this particular book, that’s for sure.


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