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  • Brian Flinchbaugh

DC to Sell 100-Page Giant Comics at Walmart

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

Beginning July 1st, DC Entertainment will be publishing brand new comic book exclusively for Walmart. The 100-page books will combine brand new stories with classics such as Rebirth and the New 52. Each issue will sell for $4.99.

There could be both positive and negative consequences from this. On the positive side, comics will be much more accessible to people, especially those in areas without a comic shop nearby. And casual fans who may only know superheroes from the movies will now be exposed to the books. However, the smaller comic shops could be hurt by this, since avid fans can now include it in their one-stop shopping trip to Walmart. If it leads to comic shops closing, they become less accessible for all of us.

The four issues available on July 1st are as follows:

Superman Giant #1

Batman Giant #1

Justice League of America #1

Teen Titans #1

Each comes with various reprinted stories.


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