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DC Universe Offering Interactive Experience at SDCC

Heading to San Diego Comic Con next week? Some exciting things are going on, especially with DC.

DC Universe is planning an interactive experience for fans to discover clues about the DC Universe streaming service at the convention.

DC Universe debuts this fall with Titans as its first series, followed by a Doom Patrol spinoff, Young Justice: Outsiders and Harley Quinn animated series’, and Swamp Thing.

What will you be able to experience for yourself? How about Dick Grayson’s loft from Titans? How about Dr. Caulder’s lab from Doom Patrol? Or Swamp Thing’s, yes, swamps? Most exciting for me is Young Justice: Outsiders’ watchtower headquarters. Oh, and there’s Harley Quinn’s Chaos Room. And the Batman sewer installation exhibit should be pretty cool.

You can experience all of those first-hand and feel like you’re inside DC Comics yourself. What a brilliant marketing strategy to get people excited about DC Universe. With Marvel’s decreased presence at SDCC this year, DC really has a chance to shine and this is a unique way to get fans involved.

Who wants to meet me there?


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