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Deadpool 2: Just as Fun as the First

When Deadpool first debuted in 2016, I thought it would be difficult for the sequel to match it’s zany combination of action, humor and R-rated antics. Deadpool 2 is even more fun than the original.

The sequel pushes the limits even further into redefining what an adult superhero movie can be. Ryan Reynolds is again at one with Wade Wilson and he’s joined by a larger and entertaining supporting cast, including Thanos himself, Josh Brolin as Cable (helluva year for him).

There are some heavy moments in the film. From Vanessa’s death in the very beginning to the discovery that Russell was being abused at the orphanage to Deadpool’s selfless sacrifice at the end, this film found the perfect amount of dramatic moments to mix in with the silliness we expect.

There’s significant emotional growth by both Deadpool and Cable in this, as each proves willing to make a big sacrifice when it matters most. For Deadpool, laying his life on the line to protect Russell; and for Cable, using his last time-travel charge to redo events leading to Deadpool’s death.

There are some really fun cameos in this movie. My personal favorite is the very brief meeting we see of the X-Men in the X-Mansion (Beast, Professor X, Nightcrawler, Quicksilver, Cyclops and Storm before Beast quickly closes the door. Brad Pitt was a fun surprise Vanisher. And do you remember the rednecks Cable comes across as he arrives in modern time and comes across the rednecks discussing their toilet paper manifesto? One of those rednecks was a heavily disguised Matt Damon. This cameo comes on the heels of his previous cameo as an Asgardian stage actor in Thor: Ragnarok.

The next time we see Deadpool will be in X-Force and this movie set that up well, especially with the shot at the end of the team walking away. I enjoyed the throwback to Deadpool’s white X-Force costume from the comics by covering it in ash.

Given the greater laughs and increased character development, Deadpool 2 is certainly a hit.


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