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Disney Makes Fantastic Offer to Fox

There was a brief moment of fear when Comcast outbid Disney’s initial offer for Fox’s assets, but there was no real chance that Disney was going to lose this bidding war. And now the deal is moving ever so close to completion.

Disney has upped their offer to $71.3 billion and Fox has accepted. Comcast could technically bid again, but my understanding is Disney has no breaking point on this deal. Comcast is rich but Disney is richer. Comcast is unlikely to come back with another offer.

In addition to increasing the amount of their bid, Disney changed the terms of their original offer. Initially, the offer was entirely made up of stock options. Now each shareholder has the option of being paid in stock or cash. That was enough to convince any who were previously unsure.

To add momentum, the government is on its way to approving the deal. Official approval could come in a couple weeks, meaning that finalization by the summer of 2019 is right on target.

Like many fans, I’m thrilled to see Disney win this one. Not only do I hate Comcast as much as the next person, but I can’t wait for the X-Men, Deadpool and Fantastic Four to join the MCU.


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