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Does Affleck's DCEU Fate Rest on Rehab?

The biggest question on DCEU fans’ minds ever since Justice League has been the status of Ben Affleck as Batman. We’ve heard rumor after rumor; he’s out, he’s in, he’s out again. Matt Reeves’ The Batman seems to be proceeding with development without an actor attached.

We just found out that Affleck has checked into rehab after falling off the wagon in his fight with alcohol addiction. Now, this is pure conjecture at this point, but could this be contributing to the delay of a decision as to whether he’ll don the cape and cowl again? Not only could it make for a tough decision for Affleck to make while he’s in this frame of mind, but the studio may also want to see how he recovers and whether he’ll even be available for the project.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that it’s totally unrelated. But the fact that we have still received no confirmation one way or the other as to his involvement seems to suggest something unusual is taking place behind the scenes.

There is a small piece of hope that we’ll see Batfleck on screen again. We learned last week that he’s currently listed as a producer of The Batman. If either he or WB wanted to separate from the other, I wouldn’t think they’d want him to stick around in a producing role; maybe this is an indication that he’s still committed to the DCEU, but both sides are waiting until his personal situation is resolved before making if publicly official.

Hopefully we get more developments over the next couple months.


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