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  • Brian Flinchbaugh

Duncan Jones to Direct Rogue Trooper

Warcraft director Duncan Jones is bringing his talents to a comic book movie. He’ll be directing an adaptation of British comic Rogue Trooper, which is also a spinoff in the Judge Dredd universe.

First appearing in 1981’s 200 AD, Rogue is a blue-skinned super solider who is immune to virtually all toxins and immune to the effects of acid. He’s got three comrades who are actually biochips, or personalities of dead soldiers that have been downloaded onto biochips.

Taking place on Nu-Earth in a war between the Norts (equivalent of Nazis) and Southers (like the Allied Nations) Rogue’s mission is to track down his arch-nemesis, the Traitor General. The best way to describe the series is as an apocalyptic science fiction. There’s plenty of action and it’s more of a war epic than a superhero movie, thus why Jones initially teased his next project as a “comic book movie” and not a superhero movie.

I can see this as a war comedy because there’s plenty of humor to be made out of this story, especially if it focuses on some of the earlier stories. I’d like to see an adaptation of Rogue’s origin story, the history of the conflict and the creation of the Biochips. Think Captain America: The First Avenger but a little crazier with some laughs.

Duncan Jones is extremely talented and this is a different kind of comic book movie. If you’re looking for something other than the typical cookie cutter comic film, this has the potential to give you what you’re looking for.


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