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Edge of Spider-Geddon #1

Reviewed by: Robbie Rowe

Rating: 6 of 8

Edge of Spider-Geddon #1

Writer: Jed MacKay

Artist: Gerardo Sandoval

Peter Parker isn’t the only Spider-Man in the world – or his world more

specifically, as in other worlds, realities and universes, there’s alternate Spider-

Men, Girls, Women and more besides. Some aren’t so different, with

one reality having Spider-Girl as the daughter of Peter and Mary Jane Watson.

Another where, instead of his first love, Gwen Stacy, dying, it was Peter himself

who died, with Gwen unable to save him and her being her world’s spider

powered hero. But some are more different and this is one of those. Here, we get Hobie Brown, AKA Spider-Punk, or as he keeps telling people, Spider-Man!

He lives in a world where he and his friends have overthrown the President,

Norman Osborn, though one of them would rather stay out of the whole anarchy business. Neither Hobie or Robert Banner get to stay out of the limelight, even if they’d prefer to. MacKay makes some pretty interesting observations on pop culture, especially relating to Spider-Punk, which really made me smile.

The art isn’t too impressive, but it isn’t bad, either. It works especially well for

Hulk, when Spider-Punk’s mask is torn, or for the villain of the issue. The issue

ends on a cliff-hanger, which hopefully will be followed up on in Edge of Spider-Geddon #2, though I’m sure that’ll be covering a lot of other Spider shenanigans.


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