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Edge of Spider-Geddon #3

Reviewed by: Robbie Rowe

Rating: 7 out of 8

Writer: Jason Latour

Artist: Tonci Zonjic

Usually when it comes to Spider-Man, his beloved Uncle Ben is shot and killed and he always feels this is because he didn’t stop the man who would later shoot and kill his Uncle, feeling guilty, weighed down by this, because he had the chance to stop him – and save his Uncle. Here, in this timeline, things go very differently. Peter gives his Uncle Ben a blood transfusion after he’s shot, saving his Uncle’s life – and also granting Ben Parker spider powers...

The mix of Uncle Ben being alive, having spider powers and fighting alongside his nephew Peter against the various super villains and criminals of New York is one of the most tantalising parts of the issue, especially going in. The issue ends up actually focusing more on Ben, while Peter’s a lot more exuberant, energetic and carefree – especially compared to his Uncle, who’s a lot more tired, concerned for his nephew and just filled, ultimately, with a lot of weariness and regret.

The art is alright, but not as impressive as some other comics, especially Venom.

One of the parts which intrigues me is the note that Spider-Geddon #3 is

important for something going on with Uncle Ben here. Truthfully, I might just call him Ben, or Peter’s unique nickname for him, for simplicity, but I’ve just been calling him Uncle Ben for too long to change now.

Personally, I found Edge of Spider-Geddon #3 to be a lot more enjoyable than

issue 1 and with issue 4 teasing a Man-Spider like creature, I’m especially excited. I’m looking forward to when the main story begins, particularly for Peter’s clone Kaine’s Spider-Force, Doc Ock getting his own comics – and much more besides! Bring it on.


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