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  • Brian Flinchbaugh

Infinity War: Let's Talk Pre-Snap Deaths

By now, we all know there were many shocking deaths in Infinity War. The assumption is that at least some of these characters will return (though we don’t know in what form). Let’s discuss, specifically, those who died before the finger snap. We’ll deal with those in a different article.


I’m confident that if there’s one person who doesn’t return, it’s Heimdall. I’ve expected his death ever since Thor: Ragnarok. When he survived that, I knew Infinity War would be his last appearance. He’s a popular character but one that is expendable, especially if there are no more Thor movies. We won’t see him again.


There’s certainly a case to be made that Loki faked his death at the hands of Thanos. For starters, he’s done it before multiple times. What he really enjoys is tormenting his brother in grief, and Thor must suffer through the rest of the film after Loki’s demise. And would Loki really think that he could kill Thanos with just that dagger? Despite the evidence that Loki may have secretly survived, I believe the death sticks this time. I believe there’s meaning to Thanos’ foreshadowing quote “No resurrections this time.” As brief as it was, Loki finally became and died a hero and his arc is now complete.


I wrote an article about Gamora’s death being beautiful and that it should stay that way, but I also said that I believe she will be back. My mind hasn’t changed. Gamora is probably trapped inside the Soul Stone, and though this would cheapen the awesome death she had on screen, she will indeed be part of the Guardians team when the third movie comes out.


Many people think Vision’s death is the most permanent, but I disagree; he’s the easiest to bring back. He’s a robot. Let’s think about what happened with Shuri. She was tasked with finding a way to separate Vision’s consciousness from the Mind Stone and she supposedly failed. But what if she didn’t? They wouldn’t have included that in the film for it to just not work; it would be a waste of time in an already crowded movie. What likely happened is Shuri was able to download the information from the Mind Stone and create a backup of Vision’s consciousness on her computer. With that preserved, all they have to do is make him a new body.


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