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Jamie Foxx to Star as Spawn

Jamie Foxx has been offered the title role of Spawn/Al Simmons in Todd McFarlane’s reboot of the popular comic book series, scheduled for production in August.

Foxx’s last foray into the comic book movie genre was The Amazing Spider-Man 2 when he played the villain Electro. While I wasn’t fan of that performance, Foxx is a great fit to play Spawn. He’s a talented actor and can definitely pull off the menacing act necessary for what is going to be a horror movie.

It’s not confirmed that Foxx has accepted the role yet, but there’s little mystery that he will. He’s been angling for this role for about five years.

The next question is who the other star of the movie will be. The film is actually supposed to focus on Twitch Williams, a detective from the Spawn comics. Twitch will be our entry point into the new Spawn world, with the Spawn itself as a strong secondary character.

Since August is only a few months away, we should expect to hear confirmation of this casting soon, as well as who will play Twitch and the other major roles.


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