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LGBTQ Characters Coming to the MCU

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

Kevin Feige has confirmed that “at least two” LGBTQ characters will be joining the MCU, including characters we’ve already seen and characters that have yet to be introduced.

The character we’ve already seen is Valkyrie, whom Tessa Thompson confirmed is bisexual. A scene with a female leaving Valkyrie’s bedroom was cut from Thor: Ragnarok for story reasons. Not that there was much doubt, but this sort of confirms that we’ll be seeing Valkyrie again, eventually.

Also making his debut in Thor: Ragnarok was Korg. He was gay in the comics, and though we assume we will see him again in a future movie, we don’t know what direction they’ll take the character. They probably won’t have two come from the same franchise within the MCU, so this may be less likely.

In the comics, Dora Milaje members Okoye and Ayo were lesbian lovers. In the movie, Okoye is married to W’Kabi (though they were last seen having a fight, literally) , but a scene featuring a flirtatious stare between the two female warriors was cut from the movie. Could they explore this relationship in Black Panther 2?

As for characters that haven’t yet been introduced, Marvel has many options.

We know Kamala Khan is coming to the MCU at some point. She’s a Muslim-American teenage superhero from New Jersey. She’s a super-modernized hero, so what if they made her a lesbian? A Muslim-American lesbian superhero? How awesome would that be?

Kevin Feige also recently hinted that a Moon Knight movie is in the works, and this is where I’m betting we get a homosexual hero. In the comics, Moon Knight’s sidekick, Frenchie, is gay. But it would be so easy to make these two a crime-fighting homosexual couple. This is most likely to happen.

Another safe bet is that we see a Young Avengers movie in the future. This opens up numerous possibilities; in fact, most of the Young Avengers roster was LGBTQ in some way. The three biggest ones that come to mind are Wiccan, Hulking and Miss America.

Wiccan was the son of Scarlet Witch and Vision. Casting calls have indicated that Avengers 4 will feature twin boys, which the couple had, which means Wiccan could be getting introduced as an infant.

Hulking was a Kree/Skrull hybrid and as such, was more powerful than members of either race. His shapeshifting powers included the ability to mimic the strength of the Hulk. He and Wiccan were a prominent couple.

Miss America

Miss America was a Latin-American LGBTQ character. In addition to lacking LGBTQ heroes, the MCU doesn’t have many Hispanic ones either. They could kill two birds with one stone by introducing America Chavez.

There are hints that the Young Avengers could be a future MCU franchise, so these are all characters that would fit in somewhere along the way.


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