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Locke and Key Looking for New Home

Locke and Key is dead. For now.

Hulu had ordered a pilot for Locke and Key, an adaptation of the supernatural comic book series, but has now passed after seeing the pilot.

While that’s certainly not a good sign for fans looking forward to the adaptation, all hope is not lost.

Locke and Key was a series of graphic novels written by Stephen King’s son, Joe Hill. It follows three siblings who return to their childhood home and discover a magical set of keys that gives them amazing superpowers. Unfortunately for them, an evil demon wants the keys as well.

Its showrunner is Lost producer Carlton Cuse, who’s also a writer for the show. It director Andy Muschietti helmed the pilot.

With names like that behind the production, a streaming service like Amazon or Netflix is bound to give it a chance.

This isn’t the first time that Locke and Key has failed to get past the pilot episode. Fox also passed on the pilot in 2011.

Locke and Key really is a terrific story and would make for a visually tantalizing series, so hopefully it finds a suitable home.


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