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Looking Ahead to The Gifted

Updated: May 16, 2018

A new X-Men series is set to hit television.

Fox’s The Gifted follows a family on the run after discovering they have mutant abilities.

This isn’t your typical superhero show. It’s very much a different kind of comic book TV series, where those with superpowers are not desiring to become heroes, but rather are the hunted. It’s essentially a family drama, with the family being one of mutants.

There’s some giants of the superhero world behind the creation of this show. Simon Kinberg and Bryan Singer of the X-Men franchise and Jeph Loeb or Marvel TV have their fingerprints on this, which should give us great expectations.

Though we’ll be seeing a lot of lesser-known mutants, two of the more prominent comic characters featured will be Polaris and Thunderbird.

Polaris, played by Emma Dumont, can control magnetism. Think Magneto, who turns out to be her father in the comics.

Thunderbird, played by Blair Redford, has enhanced senses as well as superhuman strength, speed and stamina.

Another mutant character appearing in the series the teleporting Blink, played by Jamie Chung. Chung has starred as Mulan on ABC’sOnce Upon a Time and as Valerie Vale on Gotham.

While taking place in the same general universe as the X-Men films, The Gifted will not be based around film events. These mutants are not yet X-Men and don’t know anything about the superhero team. They’re merely young people learning that they are indeed different and are trying to cope with their place in the world.

This is a different take on mutants than what we’ve seen in the movies, and it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

The first season will run 10 episodes. It debuts on October 2nd on Fox.


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