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Lucifer #1

Reviewed by: Robbie Rowe

Rating: 6 out of 8

Like the original Lucifer comic from Mike Carey, it’s difficult for me to figure out the start to this new series. It’s under the Sandman Universe imprint, continuing from where Mike Carey left Lucifer and where Neil Gaiman left Dream + the other Endless of Sandman. It’s difficult for me to figure out whether I like the comic, or dislike it.

My main complaint is just the lack of explanation of why Lucifer’s in the situation he’s in. In the original series, he grew bored of being the Lord of Hell, so left, went to Earth and opened up a piano bar named Lux. Lucifer’s trapped, struggles a fair degree here and endures a fairly humiliating punishment in an attempt at freedom.

Due to this severe unpleasantness, I’m sure he isn’t in Hell, where I feel he’d be

shown more respect, or at least have more freedom. Though I haven’t read all the original Lucifer series, so maybe that’d explain what Lucifer’s standing in Hell is now. Regardless, I have a feeling this is a different, similarly nightmarish

dimension, one where he doesn’t hold all the cards, yet still has a degree of

power and interestingly, companionship.

It’ll be interesting to see where things go for Mr Morningstar next issue, whether

he obtains his freedom, or at least the upper hand. Lucifer isn’t the only focus of

the issue. Los Angeles police detective John Dekker is introduced here, with a fair bit of time spent on his very sick wife Penny, who has brain tumours and what he tries to do after a tragedy.

I’d say with as expansive a world as Lucifer is, we’ll get a lot more characters to

focus on than the Devil or Dekker in upcoming issues. The opening issue’s well

written and well drawn, with some very creative terrors for both Lucifer and

Dekker. I’m not sure if I’ll give future issues a go, but I definitely wouldn’t

recommend against giving this one a spin, if only to see someone as powerful as

Lucifer in dire straits, a very relatable struggle for an LA detective and some very terrifying images.


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