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More Characters Coming to Runaways

The second season of Runaways is coming this winter, and from what showrunner Josh Schwartz has said, we can expect some new characters from the comics to join the cast.

Here's what he told the press during a visit to the set. "There are some characters who appear in the book who are appearing in Season 2. They are really popular, exciting characters."

There are so many popular and exciting characters that it's hard to pin down exactly who he's talking about. I thought about Xavin, a young Super-Skrull and lover of Karolina. But I think she might be saved for a potential Young Avengers movie down the line.

Victor Mancha is another real possibility. Mancha is a cybernetic teenager created by Ultron to essentially finish the job he couldn't and take over the world. He would fit in nicely and this would be a wonderful tie-in to the MCU films. I'm king of hoping this happens.

We don't have too long to find out, as season 2 of Runaways comes this winter.


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