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My Concept for Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange 2 is in the works and we don’t have any details yet, other than that Nightmare has been vaguely hinted at as the villain, which is great. I have an idea of what I’d like to see in the sequel.

Nightmare actually fits in perfectly with my ideal scenario, which involves Scarlet Witch. While Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch’s powers are very different, that they both draw their powers from magic links them together. Wanda should be in Doctor Strange 2.

This would be the premise; Wanda is just as powerful as Strange but unlike him, she hasn’t learned to harness her powers. Coming out of Avengers 4, Wanda would be suffering severely mentally and emotionally after the personal losses she’s suffered, going back to losing her parents and Quicksilver to causing the explosion in Lagos in Civil War, and then more recently losing Vision. That’s bound to be enough to break anyone’s psyche.

Wanda certainly has a history of emotional instability in the comics and her personal losses have paved the way for the same troubles to plague her in the MCU. Strange, acting as her mentor, would help her harness her emotions and powers to prevent her from being dangerous.

This is where Nightmare fits in. As the ruler of the Dream Dimension, which is where tormented people are brought while they sleep, he has the ability to draw psychic energy from the minds of those who sleep. Wanda ending up in the Dream Dimension would surely become a powerful psyche for Nightmare to feast upon. Perhaps Strange would enlist Mordo to help save Wanda, and she would end up conquering Nightmare herself when she snaps back to reality, forever changed to be a stronger-minded, stronger-willed witch. At least until we get a House of M movie.

It only makes sense that Marvel would let these two mystical heroes team up.  Who knows, maybe Scarlet Witch becomes the next Sorceror Supreme?

- Brian Flinchbaugh


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