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  • Brian Flinchbaugh

Mysterio's Role in Far From Home

Mysterio, real name of Quentin Beck, is one of Spider-Man’s classic enemies from the comics. Though featured frequently in the 1990’s Spider-Man cartoon, we’ve never seen him on the big screen. That’s soon about to change.

Jake Gyllenhaal makes his MCU debut as Mysterio in Far From Home and he certainly seems to knock it out of the park. The trailers certainly seem to depict Mysterio not only as a hero but as a mentor to Peter Parker. What the heck is going on?

Spidey’s villains always have some heart to them that connect them to Peter personally. This appears to be the case again in Far From Home; after all, one of the things that makes Spidey such a great character is his rogues gallery.

But we also have to remember that Mysterio is, first and foremost, an illusionist. That’s what he does. What you see is not what you get. I don’t think this necessarily means that Beck has evil intentions for Peter from the start, but there’s definitely more to him than it seems.

We know that Nick Fury and Beck recruit Peter to help them battle the Elementals, seemingly a team of villains that resemble classic Spidey foes like Molten Man, Hydro-Man and Sandman. Will we really see these villains in the movie? I doubt it.

There is only one true villain in this movie, and that’s Mysterio. His personality is much different from what we’re used to reading, but he’s the same at his core. Whatever you think you see, you don’t see. And this will lead to a huge betrayal. Gyllenhaal is such a friendly face that he’s totally believable as someone who will gain your trust and then stab you in the back.

There is a theory that Mysterio is actually a true good guy in this movie, sent from another dimension in the Multiverse following the events of Endgame to help battle the evil Elementals in our dimension. True, they could radically change the character, but I don’t see them straying that far away from his roots. We thought Mordo, Doctor Strange’s archenemy from the comics, was his ally in the MCU. And he was, at first, before eventually turning against him and giving us the rivalry we want to see.

Our information is that Gyllenhaal hasn’t signed a multi-picture deal, but there is definitely a plan to bring him back in a future film. He has the Loki potential to be a sympathetic antagonist across multiple movies without ever knowing exactly where he stands.

We may not know where he stands, but we all know where we’ll be sitting on July 5th.

- Brian Flinchbaugh


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