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Norman Osborn Not Joining MCU

For months, there have been rumors that Marvel Studios has plans for Norman Osborn to be the next big villain in the MCU. Unfortunately, rumors is all those were.

Reports are that Sony and Marvel could not reach a deal on allowing Osborn to feature in the MCU. This was first reported by Comicbookcast, and our reporting confirms this.

Sony doesn't have immediate plans to use the character, though a Norman Osborn movie as part of their Venom-verse is possible. Osborn doesn't really fit as a Venom villain, but it's more a move to keep the character away from Marvel.

This is a bad sign because if Sony wished to continue the current relationship for the foreseeable future, this deal would already be done. This indicates that Sony does indeed want to pull back Spider-Man as soon as they have the chance.

All the more reason to hope Spider-Man: Far From Home reaches a billion dollars at the box office so we can get a final film to close out his arc.

- Brian Flinchbaugh


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