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Pennyworth Castings

Written by: Robbie Rowe

Jack Bannon, Kieran Whitehead in mini-series The Loch, has become the 6 th actor to play Alfred Pennyworth in live action. He’s going to play a younger version of the Waynes’ eponymous butler in the upcoming show Pennyworth.

Joining Jack is Reign actor Ben Eldridge, who played King Antoine that CW show. Ben’s going to play Thomas Wayne in Pennyworth.

Pennyworth’s to be a 10 episode series on Epix, coming from Gotham creator

Bruno Heller. According to the Newsarama article on Jack’s casting as Alfred,

‘you’d never take him for an SAS killer’. It seems it’ll be a struggle for Alfred, going from who he used to be, to who he is now.

Thomas is described as ‘a young, fresh-faced billionaire’.

Should be a good show, especially as I love Gotham and during its’ 1 st Season,

dreamed of a prequel about Alfred before became the Wayne’s butler – and now I’m getting it! Lovely. Hopefully the same can happen regarding a new Superman show.

Here are the original articles



Source: Newsarama

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