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Peter Jackson May Join the DCEU

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

If Peter Jackson doesn’t join Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series, he may join the DCEU.

The DCEU is taking great steps to fixing the instability surrounding their productions. This is not to say that all the movies have been bad; I happen to enjoy them more than most. But it is true that many of the productions have been less than smooth.

Steven Spielberg, of all people, is joining the DCEU to direct a Blackhawk movie. And now, possibly Peter Jackson.

This is a good sign because Spielberg and Jackson are not the kind of filmmaker who is going to sit back and allow the studio to interfere. The one film they stayed out of? Wonder Woman, and that was their best film by far. This is a sign that Warner Bros. is finally ready to let the filmmakers do their thing.

That’s been the biggest problem with the DC films so far. Marvel has the perfect structure; Disney allows Marvel Studios to make the movies while the parent company stays out of it. I’ve long advocated for Warner to form a similar structure. Allow a DC films division to operate completely independently.

Spielberg and Jackson are bankable directors, which is exactly what the DCEU needs right now. From what we’re hearing, some other top directors may be joining the DCEU as well, so stay tuned.

And of course, it’s not guaranteed that Jackson will sign on. It appears to be 50/50 on whether he joins the DCEU or returns to The Lord of the Rings. Whichever project lands him is sure to be better off.


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