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  • Brian Flinchbaugh

Samuel L. Jackson to Appear in Spider-Man sequel?

Is Samuel L. Jackson making a return as Nick Fury in Spider-Man: Far From Home? He’s certainly dropping hints alluding to that.

Check out his Instagram post here:

Also notice that the post originated in the U.K., which coincidentally (or not) Far From Home is currently filming.

Fury showing up in the Spider-Man sequel would make a ton of sense. We’ve known for a while that Tony Stark would not be in the sequel (possible foreboding foreshadowing?) but that someone else will be. Fury was always a possibility because he and Peter Parker were close in the comics. Fury is actually the one who recruited him to the Avengers, not Stark.

Fury could take over the mantle of father figure and mentor to young Parker after Avengers 4. Why would he have to take over from Stark? We dread to guess.

Jackson originally signed a nine picture deals with Marvel, and his appearance in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie will be his eighth. If he’s truly not in Avengers 4, which I still don’t believe, this would make sense on a contractual level. However, I do believe he will be in Avengers 4 and any appearances after could mean a contract extension, which he has signaled a willingness to do in the past.

If this is true as the evidence certainly seems to suggest it is, Spider-Man: Far From Home is shaping up to be fantastic. Michael Keaton returning, Jake Gyllenhaal coming is as Mysterio, J.B. Smoove and now Sam Jackson? Can’t wait for this!


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