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  • Brian Flinchbaugh

Sony Adds Faith to Valiant Cinematic Universe

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

Sony continues to add to their superhero production slate, now with plans to bring Faith Herbert, a principal character in Valiant Comics’ Harbinger series, to the big screen.

An overweight, geeky superhero is coming to theaters! She's a bubbly, pluz-size superhero who's a fan of comics and science fiction. I want this to be an origin story true to the comics. Her parents died in a crash when she was young and she was then raised by her grandmother. After discovering her superpowers, she joins the Harbinger Foundation to learn how to become a hero. This would make for a great comedy since she’s a very colorful and energetic personality. Faith can fly, telekinetically carry people with her, and can create a protective force field around her friends.

Faith will be a great addition to the Valiant Comics cinematic universe that Sony is building. Neil Moritz currently has a five-picture deal to adapt these stories. Harbinger will be the first film to kick off the universe and then solo spinoffs will follow.

Vin Diesel has already been cast as another Valiant hero, Bloodshot, in his own movie.


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