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  • Brian Flinchbaugh

Sony Developing Kraven the Hunter

In their never-ending quest to develop films that will never see the big screen, Sony is developing a film based on Kraven the Hunter. They've hired Equalizer screenwriter Richard Wenk to pen the script.

I love a great comic book movie as much as anyone. I can't get enough. Bring every character to the big screen. But there's a difference between doing them well and just doing them.

It's bad enough we're getting Venom without Spider-Man. Then a Morbius movie. Now Kraven.

Kraven is a fantastic comic character as a big-game hunter who becomes obsessed with catching Spider-Man. He's also the half-brother of Chameleon; that would make him a great fit for the MCU, since we'll be seeing Chameleon in the Spider-Man: Far From Home. But no, we get him in whatever this Sony-verse is.

I hope these movies are all great, including this Kraven one. But you can only pull this kind of thing off so many times.


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