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Spider-Man: Far From Home Review

Spider-Man: Far From Home is the official end of phase 4. While nothing can top Avengers: Endgame, Far From Home is a satisfying conclusion. This is the obligatory spoiler warning, so proceed with caution if you haven't yet seen the movie.

The movie deals with Peter Parker dealing with the loss of Tony Stark, who still has a big impact on the events of the MCU. Leaving Peter his Stark tech and Peter struggling with accepting it is likely to be an ongoing theme.

I like that they addressed the time jump and explained that half of Peter's class was dusted. It cleared up some questions people had about how they were all still the same age. Peter's friends are apparently just the most unlucky group in the world.

There was a very believable romantic subplot between Peter and MJ. It was typical awkward teenage love. It was sincere but didn't dominate the film. I look forward to seeing how their relationship develops from here, especially since MJ was there for the final reveal at the end.

Jake Gyllenhaal was fantastic as Mysterio. For those who don't think director Jon Watts did the character justice, I'm not sure which movie you were watching. The scene that really sticks out to me is when Peter ends up getting struck by the train. We travel through numerous locations and encounter a number of characters before the big collision. This was classic Mysterio. Yes, there was a slightly different take on the character, being a former employee of Stark and befriending Peter at first, but I can appreciate the friendship as part of the illusion.

There was a scene in this movie that showed a classic side of Peter Parker that we haven't seen yet. While on Happy's plane, Peter is building is suit. It's during this scene where you see just how brilliant he is. We haven't seen much of that in the MCU, but Peter Parker is one of the most intelligent people in the Marvel universe. This movie started to showcase that. Now that Tony Stark is dead, the brains can be passed on to someone else.

Just a side note, I love JB Smoove as Mr. Dell. Such great comedic relief! I hope we see more of him in the future. Both teachers were actually quite good. And of course, Ned is always entertaining. He's to Spider-Man what Luis is to Ant-Man.

All those rumors about Norman Osborn making his first appearance turned out not to be true. But that just means we still have something to look forward to. Because one thing is for sure, he's definitely coming.

We could end with those amazing post credits scenes, but we'll discuss that in the next piece. As for the overall film, it's definitely one of the best in the Spider-Man franchise.

- Brian Flinchbaugh


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