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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Returns

Written by: Everest Leach

Finally! The Clone Wars Revived For One Final Season!

Star Wars fans have been waiting, tweeting, and doing everything they possibly can to bring back Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and now...their prayers have been answered. #CloneWarsSaved.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars was a 2009 animated series that illustrates the battle stories of Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Padawan Ahsoka Tano as they fought their way through the dreadful “Clone Wars.” Though being EXTREMELY popular, it was abruptly ended in 2013 after 5 seasons (even though a few episodes for season 6 that were already “in the works” were finished as special “Lost Missions”).

Now, after 5 long years, Thursday, Dave Filoni confirmed (to the glee of Star Wars fans everywhere) that Star Wars: The Clone Wars is getting revived for one final 12 episode season on the new and upcoming Disney Stream Service, though there is no specific release date. The news received a standing ovation at San Diego Comic-Con where The Clone Wars actually hosted a 10th Anniversary Party.

“It’s an anniversary. It’s 10 years. And you guys deserve something for being so great, a present, if you will,” Dave told the audience. “We got together and we thought, if there is one thing we could give you what would it be? So here you go.”

The new season will pick up with Ashley Eckstein voiced ‘Ahsoka Tano’, where we’ll see her living on her own in the galaxy as a rogue warrior after leaving the Jedi order. We know (thanks to the animated Rebels series) what went down between her and Anakin after he fell to the dark side, but what transpired between them before Ahsoka’s Master became the infamous Vader? We are expecting to get answers in this final season.

The newly released teaser shows a almost eery look at all the clones’ helmets leading into a shot of Captain Rex (my favorite Clone) standing by with Anakin, and Hunter (a Rambo-esque Clone commander who’s tracking skills gave him his nickname). We also get to see Obi-Wan and Anakin receiving a hologram message from Ahsoka: “Hello master, it has been awhile.”

If you’re a Clone Wars fan, get the streaming service, some popcorn, and your favorite space-juice, because after WAY too long, we’re finally going back, into the war!


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