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Supergirl: Season 4 Trailer Review

Written by: Everest Leach

So Saturday we got our first look at season 4 Of Supergirl with the new trailer that came out at San Diego Comic-Con. Let’s just say, Liberty is here, and I’m not talking about a statue. Alright, yes I am aware that most of the trailer is a recap from season 3. This is probably due to the fact that they’ve only been shooting for a few weeks, and Melissa Benoist is full into Broadway right now and won’t be back in Vancouver until August 4th. We do get some new shots though including an awesome ending, as well as a cool voiceover. Now let’s get into the trailer details.

The trailer’s first minute and a half or so is recapping season 3, showing footage from the end of the season with a new character, Agent Liberty (voiced by Sam Witwer) giving a pretty eery voiceover explaining aliens coming to earth and how they’ve hurt humanity. Liberty will supposedly be a villainous character in the show while in the comics he’s been a hero, so it’ll be interesting to see if he makes that turn in season 4. Towards the end we also get our first real look at Agent Liberty. He appears to be wearing a sort of military outfit and a mask that looks very ominous. We also get a few new shots with Alex and Brainiac 5. The big thing everybody’s been talking about though, comes at the very end.

So after our look at Agent Liberty, it pans out and we see someone in what looks like a Space version of Supergirl’s suit complete with a helmet. Many people have assumed this is the evil Red Daughter version of Supergirl we saw in the Season 3 finale, but a few sources have some different information. According to them it is in fact our Kara in the suit. They’ve said in the earlier episodes of the season Supergirl has to fight a villain that uses Kryptonite, so Lena makes this sort of “hazmat” suit so Kara can fight her. I personally like it.

All in all this trailer is in my opinion one of the best Supergirl has done, even with the lack of new footage and Supergirl due to Melissa being stationed on Broadway. I haven’t always been a huge fan of the show but it finally seems like they’re stepping in the right direction with season 3, and this teaser trailer. It’s both what the Arrowverse deserves, and what it needs right now. (Dark Knight reference, sorry.)


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