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The Flash #57

Reviewed by: Robbie Rowe, Lead Comic Correspondent

Rating: 7 out of 8

Obsession can be a dangerous thing. Whether it’s getting obsessed over saving

lives a hospital, being the best in the world at football, or becoming obsessed over someone, obsession can be all consuming. That’s exactly how it is for Mick Rory AKA Heat Wave, a member of the group of criminals called the Rogues, who is obsessed over fire and flame.

Mick’s been obsessed with fire since he was a child, something which brought

about the death of his parents. His fiery disposition is something which helped to break through the cold exterior of Rogues leader Leonard Snart/Captain Cold, something which is ultimately integral to this issue. In Flash War, thanks to Wally and Barry’s race around the world, new universal forces were unleashed, adding to an already hefty workload to deal with and to understand.

In the previous arc, Flash and Commander Cold had to deal with a Strength Force imbued Trickster, as well as the Scarlet Speedster gaining the Force. Here, Flash and Detective Burns were visiting Iron Heights as Heat Wave had become horribly burned, except no one else was in the room and he didn’t do it to himself. It turns out what’s happened is that Mick’s become taken over by the Sage Force, worsening the depths of his pyromania and the danger for Flash and Burns.

One small criticism I have of this arc is that unlike the Strength Force, I don’t fully understand what the Sage Force does, though here, it corrupts Mick’s mind and something about it seems to have absorbed the minds of Flash and Det. Burns. Barry retains his powers within Heat Wave’s mind, with both crime fighters working together to get through to the fire starter.

I’m most familiar with the artist, Scott Kolins, for the 2006 Marvel Team-Up

series, teaming up multiple Marvel characters like Spider-Man, Daredevil,

Wolverine and more. I felt he did very well on that series, getting to utilise

multiple Marvel heroes and villains. Similarly, he does a good job here with a

comatose Heat Wave, the world inside his mind and just how well done it’s

brought to life.

One of the highlights of the issue for me is the ending, which is especially exciting and until the last page left me wondering just who it was Johnny Thunder, an alternate reality cowboy Flash, was facing. Love when stuff like this happens in comics; the character speaking is kept off page, until a final page reveal, or a single page focused on revealing an awesome shock. I’m already looking forward to Force Quest next issue and I’ll be sure to join Barry on his journey to truth.

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