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The Flash: Season 5 Trailer Review

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Written by: Daren McClimans

As San Diego Comic-Con has slowly come to an end, there was no limit to all the fantastic news updates and eye-popping panels. With that being said the CW hit series The Flash was no exception. The fifth installment of the series gave us tons of new content, and tons of amazing surprises that no one saw coming, including dropping the trailer, so let’s talk about it.

The trailer did provide us with valuable information going into the next season. After that epic cliffhanger with the mystery girl that we teased with all season long, she was finally revealed as Nora Allen, the daughter of Barry and Iris Allen.

We start off the trailer with Nora telling us more about her backstory and that her nickname is XS and it was given to her as a child by her father. She goes on to say that she is stuck in our time and can't get home and needs help from team Flash.

We see Barry and Iris trying to grapple with the fact that they are standing face to face with their own daughter and have fears about Nora being erased from existence. As we get the famous line “Nora shouldn't be here”, we see Barry and Nora have a very urgent conversation in Eobard Thawne’s mysterious time vault, also hinting at the death of a loved one, possibly the death of our favorite scarlet speedster since there's a chance that Nora and Barry are looking at the future newspaper . That would finally explain the famous headline - FLASH MISSING VANISHES IN CRISIS-. It could also be everybody's favorite reporter Iris West Allen. Nora Allen has been awkwardly weird around her mother and would make sense why she's wearing her mother's jacket as a costume, as she would want to honor her mother’s legacy and embrace a symbol of bravery and truth!

As we skip to the next scene we a meet up with a brand new metahuman which seems to have some sort of gravitational based powers. When this villainous scumbag attempts to crash a plane in the middle of Central City, it's up to team Flash to put an end to his diabolical plans. But there is one critical problem; Barry doesn't have a suit after the events of season 4.

But never fear as Nora Allen pulls out the iconic Flash ring nearly straight out of the comic books. Fans have been begging for this treat for the past five years now and the CW finally delivers. As we see The Flash speed away and with the help of Kid Flash and XS it looks like the Flash family was able to vanquish the evil mastermind. As the trailer is about to end, it gives us a pretty decent idea on the season 5 big bad.

We see a creepy looking man with a black hoody and his head covered walk into a room which looks to be a retired kids rooms of some kind. With tons of baby dolls, skateboards and coloring pictures. The mysterious looking man brushed past all the junk in his path and makes his way to a brown cluttered desk . While breathing very heavy like Darth Vader with asthma, the terrifying individual reached into the pocket of his black hoodie. He pulled out a weirdly looking dagger in the shape of a lightning bolt. Then after angrily looking at the TV station covering the Flash’s newest achievement, his dagger lit up like a Christmas tree with red lightning surging from its core and frying the TV. They also give us our first look at the villain’s face which was wearing a creepy metal mask and has the eyes that could burn your soul!!!

The mystery villain that we just talked about is known by the name of Cicada. In the comics, Cicada is a cult leader with a serious bone to pick with the Flash. In this upcoming season of The Flash, we are told that Cicada blames The Flash for tearing his family apart. The actor, Chris Klein, has bravely stepped into the role of Cicada and will be a series regular through the fifth season of the franchise.

The Flash season five seems to be starting off with a bang. Overall, the scarlet speedster has had its ups and downs throughout its journey on the small screen. Hopefully it can finally get back on track


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