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The Meaning of That Infinity War Sash

Now that Avengers: Infinty War has been released on Blu-Ray, we’re able to comb through it even more and look for things we missed first time around. One detail that everyone is talking about is the sash seen tied around Cull Obsidian.

While it doesn’t match the pattern of Carol Danvers’ sash from the comics, it does match the gold, red and blue color scheme. While we don’t quite know its significance yet, we do know that Marvel does nothing by accident.

Danvers certainly hasn’t been killed, as she has a bright future in the MCU. Nor is it likely that Obsidian would be able to kill her given how powerful she is.

The sash may have no more meaning than simply representing that the Black Order has fought the Kree sometime in the past, as it could be a part of Kree military attire, therefore being a generic symbol that a Kree has fallen at his feet.

But I do think the sash will play a more important role. Jude Law will appear as Mar-Vell, Danvers’ mentor, and is expected to die in Captain Marvel as he did in the comics. Whether he falls directly at the hands of the Black Order is unknown. We haven’t heard of them appearing in Captain Marvel, but it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve been surprised.

Tying Mar-Vell’s death to Thanos would add a more personal stake for Captain Marvel once she joins the fight in Avengers 4. Not that she wouldn’t help save humanity anyway, but the story is always more compelling when the hero has something personal on the line.

It’s not likely that Thanos would side with the Skrulls in the war against the Kree. Ronan, one of the Kree’s fiercest warriors, ends up working with Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy, so we get a hint of how that relationships starts. Perhaps Ronan turns on Mar-Vell with the help of the Black Order? It could happen.

Even more likely is that whatever the significance is, we don’t find out until Avengers 4. Since there will be some play with time travel and maybe flashbacks, that could be where we get the real story behind this sash.

One thing’s for sure, we’ll know by this time next year!


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