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The Superior Octopus #1

Reviewed by: Robbie Rowe

Rating: 8 out of 8

Sometimes moving somewhere new can be just what you need to change things

up and begin a new chapter in your life. Maybe it’ll help you escape who you’ve

been, what people think of you and become a better person. This feels to an

extent what Dr Otto Octavius is doing here. Now, he’s in San Francisco, former

home of the X-Men and oft home of Iron Man, trying to protect the city, keep

crime down while also teaching at Horizon University.

Though, how exactly is Ock able to teach when many people know about many of the crimes, misdeeds and cruel acts he’s committed through the years, with it

being harder for him to keep them hidden due to how far he’s went as an enemy of Spider-Man and not having a secret identity, unlike some other foes of the web slinger? The reason, of course, is because as of recently, Otto’s using a younger clone body of Peter Parker, so has both his own intelligence, cunning, Peter’s spider-powers... and his unique way of dealing with crime.

Due to saving one of the few women he’s loved in Amazing Spider-Man #800,

Peter’s Aunt May, from a homicidal symbiote wearing Osborn, Ock’s now on a

clean slate with his long-time enemy. Going into this 1 st issue, I was concerned it’d focus more on the upcoming big Spider-Man story, Spider-Geddon, starting next Wednesday, while I wanted it more to focus on Ock being his own hero, in his own city and job, with a unique way of being a superhero.

Thankfully, we only get a reference to the villains from Spider-Verse, the previous story to Spider-Geddon and the backup story, starring Spider-Ham, Spider-Girl, Captain Britain and more. It’s the first time I’ve seen Captain Britain in anything in a few years and I’m confused as to why he’s wearing what looks like a Spider-Man costume rather than his usual Captain Britain suit. Art for that story, by Ultimate Spider-Man artist Mark Bagley, is very good and features a wide variety of characters, despite its short length.

I’m definitely intrigued to see more from Superior Octopus and never would’ve

expected years ago that Otto’d eventually get his own comic, though I’m

delighted he has one. In this issue, he’s forced to face a classic Captain America

villain, who I wouldn’t be against seeing facing off against Ock more in future. I’ve a strong feeling he and his Greek monster inspired group will be back to test and torment Ock some more. Could be an interesting threat for him.

Earlier in the issue, I was worried we’d have a strong, compelling protagonist, but that the comic would be lacking in villains or enemies. Thankfully, that isn’t the case, with Otto listing off Count Nefaria, Graviton and another notable villain as the highest threats he has to deal with in San Francisco, though he isn’t worried. I worry his arrogance will be his undoing, if not his recent past as Superior Spider-Man coming back to haunt him. I highly recommend the issue and can’t wait for more from the mechanical tentacle armed Superior Octopus!


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