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Top 5 Geekout Moments from Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame was chock full of geekout moments, so I thought I’d share mine.

Most of these happen to take place during the final battle, as that’s when Marvel packed most of the fan service in. This list is in no particular order other than the order they come off my head.

1. Captain America lifting Mjolnir and using it to attack Thanos was one of those hand-clapping moments. Teased back in Avengers: Age of Ultron, we all knew Cap was worthy of lifting the mighty hammer. Whether the moment would indeed take place has been discussed ever since, and we finally got it.

2. In a scene reminiscent of the comics, Cap, after his shield is destroyed following a beating from Thanos, rises to face Thanos and his entire army. Certain death awaits. What came next was great. “On your left” from Falcon, signaling to Cap that help had arrived. Loved it.

3. Another applause worthy moment was when Captain Marvel grabs the gauntlet and is about to fight her way through the army. It looks like she’s on her own, but as Okoye says “She’s not alone”, referring back to the line said by Black Widow in Infinity War, all the female heroes line up to aid her in this homage to A-Force.

4. When Black Panther steps out of the portal, the first dusted hero we see return. He’s followed by the rest from Wakanda, Titan, Asgard and all the rest. Seeing each hero, one by one, gives you goosebumps. And yes, that includes Howard the Duck.

5. The line we’ve all been waiting for and were teased with at the end of Age of Ultron. With all the heroes lined up and ready to attack Thanos and his army, Captain America stands at the front and delivers the line. “Avengers assemble.” What a payoff.


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