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Warner Bros. Oversaturation of the Joker

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

We already knew there was a Joker origin movie with Joaquin Phoenix in development. I never felt a Joker origin story was necessary because the Joker has no real origin; the mystery behind him is what makes him such a fascinating villain.

We do know more about the film now than we did before. It will be based off the story The Killing Joke, which is the most commonly known origin of the Joker. In this story, the Joker was a lab assistant turned stand-up comic who gets caught up helping mobsters with a robbery. He ends up falling into a vat of chemicals which causes the appearance we are all familiar with.

We also now know that this film is going to be a prequel to The Dark Knight. Okay, good.

But now Jared Leto is getting a standalone Joker movie as well? Warner Brothers, what are you doing? The Joker is one of the most iconic villains in comic history. Truth be told, he doesn’t need his own standalone film. But now we’re getting two, with two different actors in two different versions of the character.

This is totally unnecessary. All this does is oversaturate the market and will ultimately lead to Joker fatigue. Pick one. I’m not a fan of Leto’s Joker, but if you want to expand that area of the DCEU, go ahead.

The Dark Knight trilogy was fantastic, but you’re building a bigger, different universe now. Why revisit a franchise from the past when you’ve moved on?

There are so many DC Comics characters that deserve a chance to shine on the big screen. Developing two Joker movies is a total unnecessary waste of time.


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