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What the Ant-Man and the Wasp End Credit Scenes Mean

Warning: Spoilers for Ant-Man and the Wasp are below.

So, let’s talk about those end credits.

Obviously, the first one was a doozy as there’s a ton to break down here. Hank, Hope and Janet are sending Scott into the Quantum Realm to bring back some Quantum healing particles for to help cure “our new Ghost friend.”

Once he’s in the Quantum Realm, Janet tells Scott not to get stuck in a time vortex. Then the line turns to static. We see that Hank, Hope and Janet have all turned to dust and Scott is now stuck in the Quantum Realm.

This is one of the most monumental end credit scenes the MCU has had, as it gives us some insight into Avengers 4, which we know almost nothing about.

Let’s start at the beginning. The fact that they’re still trying to bring particles back for Ghost tells us two things. First, Janet wasn’t able to fully heal her at the end of the film. Second, we may very well see Ghost again, possibly as an ally of the team.

Janet’s warning to Scott about the time vortex is a critical piece of information because that didn’t make it in there by accident. Clearly, Scott Lang is going to fall into a time vortex and come out in some other time. Could be past, could be future, could be some different dimension. With all the people gone who can extract him from the Quantum Realm, Scott will definitely end up in another time period.

A lot of people think he may end up back in the 90’s as a connection to Captain Marvel. I actually think he’ll end up in the future. We know from set photos of the Battle of New York that Tony Stark has aged. We also know that a teenaged Cassie Lang was cast.

My theory is that sometime during Avengers 4, probably early, Scott comes out of a time vortex sometime in the future. He connects with Tony and fills him in on his newfound knowledge of the Quantum Realm. This is what sets the Avengers on their path to travel through time to grab the Infinity Stones, and it’s why Tony has advanced in age when he does so.

As for those turning to dust in the scene, we had an idea that was going to happen. But admittedly, I didn’t expect all three to go. Though after brief though, I realized that was necessary in order to trap Scott in the Quantum Realm.

So, with the Ant clan gone years in the future, who will be able to help access the Quantum Realm? Scott will surely have learned a great deal in his travels but he’s not a scientist. Tony, Bruce Banner and Shuri are brilliant and could probably figure it out. But there’s another option.

Could we see Bill Foster in Avengers 4? He’s the one left standing (maybe?), or at least we didn’t see him vanish. In set photos, the Avengers are wearing what appears to be some kind of Pym tech device on their wrists, possibly to assist with time travel. Foster could be the one supplying the Quantum Realm expertise to get them started on their journey.

As for the second scene at the very end of the credits, this one is just more fun. The giant ant continues banging on his drums, oblivious to the chaos ensuing in the world around him. I admit, I was hoping and expecting the ant to fade to dust. Totally should have happened.


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