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  • Brian Flinchbaugh

Which Spidey Character is Remy Hii Playing?

Remy Hii of Crazy Rich Asians has joined the cast of Spider-Man: Far From Home in an undisclosed role. But we think we can figure it out.

We’re hearing that a young Alistair Smythe will have a significant role in the movie. In the comics, Smythe is a genetics and robotics expert who creates the Spider-Slayers, robots designed to kill Spider-Man. While wheelchair-bound, he also creates a full body armor that features curved blades in the shoulders, web shooters and gives him superhuman speed and strength.

Using Smythe as a potential tech rival of Peter Parker in the MCU would be an exciting change. He’s a character that has a deep history with Spidey. Since the MCU seems to be staying away from supporting characters and villains that have been used before, Smythe will probably take the place of Harry Osborn, much the way that Liz Toomes has replaced Mary Jane Watson and the “MJ” moniker is now being used Zendaya’s Michelle Jones.

Some people have asked me if Hii will be playing Amadeus Cho. I don’t think that’s the case because Marvel probably wouldn’t introduce Cho in a Spidey movie. I’m not even sure where the Cho’s movie rights are since he’s actually been the Hulk. Cho has also technically been seen in the MCU already; in The Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner uses pizza to bribe a worker with access to a lab. Though not named in the film, the correlating novelization names him to be Amadeus Cho. The actor who played him, Martin Starr, also appeared as a different character in Spider-Man: Homecoming. So whether Marvel considers Cho to already exist or not is unclear.

But my belief is that Hii will be playing Smythe in Far From Home. Marvel is packing a ton of villains and supporting characters into this film, opening up a rather expansive universe for Spidey. Maybe Smythe will even become part of the Sinister Six.

I keep getting more and more excited for this one! It sure seems like Marvel wants to follow up Avengers 4 with something to get us all pumped about.


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