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  • Brian Flinchbaugh

Why Thor Will Survive Avengers 4

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is in for drastic changes after next year’s Avengers 4. We’re sure to lose some fan-favorite heroes who have been staples of the franchise, and by nature that will lead us into some uncharted territory. While nobody knows exactly who we’ll say goodbye to and how, one original Avenger I’m pretty sure will be sticking around is Thor.

Chris Hemsworth has publicly expressed interest in continuing the role and making another Thor film with director Taikka Waititi. Hemsworth’s enthusiasm for the character has been rejuvenated after the God of Thunder’s transformation in Thor: Ragnarok. If Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans want to walk away, it makes sense to hold onto the third pillar of the MCU if he’s willing to stay.

Fans are also much more excited about the prospect of seeing more Thor than they were before the third solo installment last year. The first two Thor movies, especially Thor: The Dark World, are generally among the least favorite among all MCU films. But Ragnarok was totally different tonally and fascinating new characters were introduced in addition to a virtually new Thor as well.

We know the MCU is heading toward more cosmic stories, which Thor fits into perfectly. He’s a man without a home after the destruction of Asgard in Ragnarok and half of the surviving Asgardians in Infinity War, so Thor may be free to travel throughout the cosmos fighting evil with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel or any other new cosmic hero.

Unlike Iron Man and Captain America who are reaching the end of their arcs, Thor’s is just beginning. He’ll no doubt be hardened after his losses and his universe-changing mistake at the end of Infinity War, but he could easily become the elder statesman of the new Avengers roster (or whatever the team is) and his experience would make him a true leader as we usher in a new and inexperienced group.

I mentioned that interesting new characters were introduced in Ragnarok including Valkyrie, Korg and Miek, and Thor seems necessary to fully bring them into the fold. We don’t know whether any of them will be in Avengers 4, but if they are, it will only be a small role. Thor has to be around to pass the baton to Valkyrie.

I’ve never thought Marvel was going to get rid of the big three all at once. I’ve firmly believed that one of Downey, Evans or Hemsworth would remain past Avengers 4 to maintain some continuity going forward.

Based on character arc, storylines and actor’s desires, Thor is the most logical to stick around.

- Brian Flinchbaugh


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