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  • Brian Flinchbaugh

Why We’re Getting Avengers: Infinity War Earlier Than Expected

Marvel Studios announced via Twitter that Avengers: Infinity War, originally scheduled to release on May 4th, will actually be coming a week earlier! We now only have to wait until April27th to witness this blockbuster event.

But why? There are a few possible reasons. First, while the domestic release was in May, the film was actually going to hit European markets at the end of April. This would inevitably lead to some major spoilers for those of us here who couldn’t keep our heads under rocks until it came to a box office near us.

Some people think Disney may have wanted it moved up to avoid colliding with the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story on May 25th, and that makes sense. With nearly a month between films, there’s now more time to allow Avengers: Infinity War to maximize its box office potential before the Solo movie takes over. I always thought it was odd that the two movies were coming out within weeks of each other.

However, I actually think another movie affected this move as well. Deadpool 2 was originally scheduled to release in June, but Fox moved it up to May 18th. While it won’t be nearly as successful as Infinity War, Disney can’t be keen on having that competition just two weeks in to the release of its major 2018 project. I suspect this is the biggest reason for the change.

It’s also entirely possible that Marvel had planned this all along as a clever marketing ploy. They’re brilliant at branding and this could simply be a ploy to get the fans even more excited.

Whatever the reason, it certainly worked. This announcement, along with the announced scheduled release dates for MCU films through 2021 and the impending release of the next trailer has fans losing their minds in excitement.


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