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  • Brian Flinchbaugh

X-Men Black Mystique #1

Reviewed by: Robbie Rowe

Rating: 8 out of 8

Appearances can be deceiving. That’s not just the case with life, but stories, like

comics, as well. Reading the synopsis for this issue a few weeks ago, I just wasn’t

sure I’d be that interested, or that I’d like the issue. But ultimately, the new

Spider-Gwen writer, Seanan McGuire, turned out a Mystique story which was a

lot more enjoyable than I expected it to be.

Throughout the story, I easily enough knew it was Raven/Mystique whenever a

new character popped up, or if a character that wasn’t blue skinned or red haired got focused on. It was very surprising just how many people she ultimately transformed into, an amount I really didn’t expect. Also interestingly, I found compared to the last two Black issues, Mystique was a lot more villainous, violent and cruel compared to Magneto or Mojo.

It’s not entirely clear to me just what she was trying to do in the issue, outside of

shape shifting, using subterfuge and a degree of violence to bring about some

chaos – but why? Mojo wants a successful show, with life or death stakes.

Magneto wants supremacy for Mutants. But what does Mystique want? That’s

something I’m most definitely curious about.

I preferred the art in Mojo last week, but it works nicely enough here all the

same. Things get even worse for Apocalypse this issue, both physically and

mentally, with hardly any intelligence or thought to him. In the strange locale he finds himself in, he’s beset by danger and encounters some very odd beings, some of which look to be almost cosmic and otherworldly in appearance. It’s

JUGGERNAUT next issue and hopefully by me going all caps on his name, you’ll understand just how excited I am for it. I’ve been looking forward to this one of these issues for a long time, a great deal. Should be very memorable!


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