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  • Brian Flinchbaugh

X-Men Films Get New Release Dates

Fox has changed the release dates of two of its upcoming X-Men movies.

The New Mutants, originally scheduled for release on April 13th of this year has been pushed back to February 22nd of 2019. The studio’s official reason is that they didn’t want the film to overlap with Deadpool 2 in international markets. But that potential conflict would have been known last year and this seems a bit last minute.

The second reason sounds more truthful; the studio doesn’t believe the film is scary enough. Another interpretation is that since it’s supposed to be a horror movie, it’s current state is not very good and they need reshoots to make it better if they want the sequels to happen. Delays this close to release typically spell trouble for the current completed version.

In a different turn of events, Deadpool 2 has been moved up from its original release date of June 1st of this year to May 18th. I’m not sure that was a smart decision. That release date falls two weeks after Avengers: Infinity War and one week before Solo: A Star Wars Story. I have to think that being sandwiched between those two goliaths will have an impact on box office turnout, but we’ll see. I know the month of May has just gotten extremely busy for me.

Gambit has also been delayed yet again, as it’s lost another director. Gore Verbinsky has exited the project. This continues what has been a disaster of a pre-production process. Maybe they should wait and let Marvel Studios handle it after the transition.

The only X-Men film not moved (yet) is X-Men: Dark Phoenix. It’s still scheduled for release on November 2nd, 2018.


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